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Floors & Roofs

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Rooms & Halls

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We offer different services.

We at JJET Security Services pride ourselves on our success built on a number of core company values that have remained almost unchanged since our inception. These values are the foundation of our business and we aim at continuing these traditions and building upon them as we grow and satisfy our clients’ needs.

Other Services

Alarm systems and access control

We provide both wired and wireless manual and automatic alarm systems. Additionally, we offer access control system according to the requirements per site. This helps provide convenient, quick access to those authorized and also limit those who are unauthorized. By offering our clients this service in their premises, we help lessen overall risk of burglary and restricts access to certain areas which improves safety and security in your organization. We also have a well-equipped control room with well-trained controllers who operate 24/7. Through video surveillance, our security staff are able to help monitor ongoing activities in the different sections of your company premises. Installations of systems like this enable us at JJET Security to successfully exceed our clients’ security needs and ensure safety of their property as well as create a conducieve environment for their well being.

CCTV Camera Installation

We supply and install CCTV cameras and our equipment is of the highest quality and is the perfect fit for our clients’ camera surveillance needs. Our technical personnel are well trained and can help install the CCTV cameras in your premises as well as guide your security team on how they operate. Having these cameras installed at your business premises boosts security by helping monitor activities, collect evidence and acts as a crime deterrent. With this service, our clients’ are able to keep track of what’s happening in their premises and observe the activity of workers, visitors and anyone who accesses the premises of your organization. At JJET Security, we use technology like this to provide the best security solutions to our clients and help enhance protection.

Manned Guarding

We introduce ourselves as the leading providers of authentic, original and in time security services to all private and public places (commercial properties, hospital banks, residential areas, data centers etc) in South Sudan using a young skilled and energetic workforce that has an in depth knowledge about security following the values of reliability, personalization, flexible approach and timely execution. We offer unarmed guarding and provide physical presence of security personnel who protect your premises from possible theft of property, damage or vandalism and unauthorized access. Our guards are the best motivated in the region who are selected based on competency, skill and professionalism They also undergo comprehensive vetting and training prior to recruitment. As part of our manned guarding; we also offer front office security receptionists who provide professional and courteous services at your office front desk. These are available on request and can help sign in and out visitors, take phone calls, as well as use observation to monitor and watch out for any suspicious behavior.

Firefighting training and refilling

We offer fire fighting training to security personnel, company employees or organizational staff on request. We also refill fire extinguishers in your premises and equip the staff in charge with the basic requirements to extinguish fires and security measures to take in case of fire out break

VHF (Very High Frequency)

Communication between Security staff is crucial. At JJET we use VHF radio transmits to keep consistent communication between our security personnel operating at a particular site or premises. It also helps security personnel keep in touch with the site and the control center. VHF services are efficient and help our security staff guarding clients’ premises to conveniently stay alert guarding different areas of the property and yet still be able to communicate in case of an emergency and need for back up. Implementation of quality technology measures such as this help our clients live in a cautiously guarded environment with peace of mind and this enhances productivity of our clients..

Risk Management

We offer risk management services to our customers by identifying, evaluating, monitoring, analyzing and reviewing possible risks that could occur in the premises of our clients or at our deployed work sites. At JJET Security, we assist our clients to avoid risks by applying security control measures to avoid the likelihood of risky scenarios occurring. Our security staff are efficiently trained emphasizing reliability to be observant, alert and tactical to be able to prevent as well handle any situations that could easily occur from scenarios that pause as a threat to our clients..

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T).


The Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T) is made to prepare staff and individuals working in any risks and challenging areas. This meant to equip them while working and operating in unfamiliar risk environment in South Sudan.

Electric Fencing


Electric Fencing is the ideal security solution for keeping your premises secure. Human contact with live wire is non-lethal and will deliver a short, sharp electric shock, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to scale the electric fencing.

Road supports and security alerts


Our 24/7 control room offers unlimited alarm response, road side support, security sms alerts, weekly security bulletin. These are provided on individual support..